Your Premier Case Management Partner

Medical Management Innovations, Inc. (MMI) is a premier medical case management company, offering insurance industry and self- insured clients proactive case management and optimal outcomes. MMI provides field medical case management in workers’ compensation in Illinois and bordering areas of the surrounding states. We also provide telephonic case management regardless of the location. Through partner companies, we can handle limited assignments, scheduling and attending IMEs and peer/records reviews nationwide.

We ask tough questions of providers and assess ways to achieve maximum recovery and the ultimate outcome of a return to work. Our professional case managers’ keen attention to detail and follow through assure you a superior experience and the optimum result.

Quality Case Management

Our nurses have been taught to look at a file critically. They work with you to keep your case moving and bring it to resolution as quickly as possible by facilitating file movement and obtaining the best possible medical care for injured workers. Our case managers are committed to being accessible, knowledgeable, and flexible, and they work together as a team for a comprehensive approach. Many cases are discussed with an additional case manager and supervisor to ensure goal-driven strategies and planning at no additional charge to our customers. We have an ongoing Quality Assurance program that complements the claims professionals’ standard. We also offer additional services that complement and support case management in order to make it easy for our customers.


I have been handling workers’ compensation claims for 26 years in the State of Illinois for a wide variety of self-insured clients. When I need a case manager, I want one I can trust. I want someone who will take my calls and respond timely with clear, concise communication. I want someone who will work for the benefit of the injured worker as well as level with me on realistic potential outcomes. I want results. So I call MMI.