Tasks Assignments

When you need that extra help, consider MMI for task assignment project, such as:

IME Services - We are available to schedule, or schedule and attend an Independent Medical Exam with an appropriate, well respected physician to assist you in obtaining information needed to assist you in handling your case.

Appointment Attendance - Do you have a few questions for a physician but essentially everything else is going well? Ask one of our case managers to attend the next office visit to obtain the answers to your question(s).

Video Job Analysis - A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video may be worth more. Do you have a repetitive trauma case causing you to have questions about the repetitive nature of the job? Has the employer given you one description of the job and the Injured Worker given you another?

Is what the job entails unclear? These and many other questions can be answered by a Video Job Analysis. You can put the job in front of the physician to assist him/her in making determinations on your case.

Pick-up and Deliver Diagnostic Testing - (films and results) needed for IME appointments- In some jurisdictions, the Injured Worker is not responsible for bringing their diagnostic tests to the IME appointment and the physician will not be able to render an informed opinion without it or, may cancel the appointment altogether. Stay one step ahead and allow our case managers to obtain all diagnostic studies and deliver them to the IME physician prior to the exam.